Multifaceted Benchmarking to Achieve Effective Financial Performance

Health Care

August 24, 2015
by Kimberly Heller, CPA, CMA, LNHA

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Kimberly Heller Kimberly Heller, CPA, CMA, LNHA

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Amid a sea of changing health care laws, the needs of the country’s largest demographic are once again making waves across the health care delivery continuum. The result is that hospitals are treating larger numbers of patients while also dealing with new constraints, like financial penalties for readmissions.
If the challenges of governmentally imposed payment stress weren’t enough, boomers are likely to demand new facilities, unprecedented amenities, and suites of services to help them enjoy their “golden years.” Oh—and did we mention—the workforce of RNs, LPNs, and caregivers is dwindling and is expected to decline dramatically in the coming years. This will make recruiting and retaining an adequate quality workforce a top strategic priority for many providers.
As a senior living or post-acute provider, you must focus on four critical benchmark categories to remain relevant in today’s increasingly crowded marketplace. Read the article below to gain insight on these four benchmarks.

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