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Health Care

December 05, 2013
by Jeff Bramschreiber, CPA

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Jeff Bramschreiber Jeff Bramschreiber, CPA

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When it comes to health care reform, providers have an increasingly clearer sense of what’s coming. Changes are already underway, and payers are driving much of the overall transformation. Now health care groups have to develop the right strategies to compete in this new era, and even small to midsized organizations would be wise to align their initiatives and endeavors with payers.
In a dynamically changing market where value and quality will carry even greater importance, provider accountability is critical and health care organizations in every size market—urban, suburban, or rural—must be ahead of the game. Strategically, this means aligning efforts based on what the market values. Generally, that often translates into these three objectives:
  1. Improving health, quality, and outcomes across a designated population
  2. Reducing costs
  3. Delivering an exceptional patient experience
But what are the best ways to pursue these objectives when there are seemingly endless strategies and tactics? Where should your organization start? Download the article below to read more.

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