Top Ten Tips for Coder-Physician Collaboration

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January 11, 2016
by Jeanne Chapdelaine

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Jeanne Chapdelaine Jeanne Chapdelaine

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The devil is in the details for effective coding, but the real answer to improving compliance and increasing revenues lies in communication and relationships. Although these areas are challenging to tackle, they are essential elements in improving the total patient experience and are critical to demonstrating high-quality care at lower costs. We’ve found the most significant improvements come from:
  • Breaking down the barriers between the clinical/business staff and the front and back ends of the revenue process.
  • Engaging the physicians and soliciting their leadership throughout the process.
  • Educating physicians, clinical support personnel, and coding staff about their roles and partnering with one another.
  • Introducing the revenue integrity “conversation” into the day-to-day business of the practice.

In our experience, unbalanced and poorly defined roles and responsibilities among physicians, clinical support staff, and coding staff create repetitive problems. By addressing the issues in this article, you will experience the most immediate and substantive impact.

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