Revenue Cycle Process Assessment Services

    Revenue Cycle Process Assessment Services

    Health care providers are increasingly challenged to capture the full value of their services, and in a compliant manner. A comprehensive review of the revenue cycle provides a road map for improvement, which will lead to improved net revenue for the organization.

    Areas of Expertise 

    • Hands-on operational experience
    • Process improvement training and implementation
    • Process flow mapping 

    Types of Services

    • Mapping of process flows and redesign based on best practices:
      • Front-end process (scheduling and registration)
      • Charge capture process
      • Back-end billing process (claims adjudication, payment posting, A/R management)
    • On-site shadowing of current operations to identify patient and staff flows
    • Key staff and provider interviews
    • Revenue cycle benchmarking. For example:
      • Preregistration completion rate and timing
      • Financial screening rate
      • Point of service collection rate
      • Chart deficiencies and uncoded account tracking reporting and communication rate
      • Return to Provider (RTP) rate
      • Charge capture review rate (high dollar/high volume areas) and error rate of < x%
      • Account follow-up rate and timing
      • A/R metrics
      • Vendor performance
      • Other, based on circumstances

    Contact: Jeanne Chapdelaine