IRS update for December, January, February year end filing of Form 990 for hospital organizations

March 15, 2011
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The IRS has just announced (Announcement 2011-20) that it will delay the start of its 2010 filing season for hospital organizations by granting a tax-exempt organization operating one or more hospitals with original due dates prior to August 15, 2011, an AUTOMATIC three-month extension of time to file the Form 990 for 2010. This automatic extension only applies to tax-exempt hospital organizations that are required to file Schedule H with their 2010 Form 990. In addition, the IRS has announced that hospital organizations are not allowed to file the 2010 Form 990 (electronically or paper returns) before July 1, 2011. No late penalties will apply to these organizations.

The IRS notes that recently formed hospital organizations that did not file Form 990 Schedule H for tax year 2009 and who believe they are entitled to the extension of time under this announcement are encouraged to file Form 8868 to reduce the risk that they may incorrectly receive a penalty notice from the IRS.

This delay of the filing season does apply to any other tax-exempt organization required to file Form 990.

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