Wipfli Health Care Expert Featured in the West Central Tribune

December 22, 2009
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In a recently published article for the West Central Tribune, Dave Hoffman (Partner, Health Care Practice), provides his thoughts on how Rice Hospital will develop a plan to grow through service line evaluation.

Rice optimistic about future goals
WILLMAR — Under a new strategic plan, Rice Memorial Hospital will develop a plan to help beef up the number of primary care doctors, orthopedic surgeons, cancer specialists and hospitalists in Willmar.  The city-owned hospital also will begin studying additional specialty services, such as cardiology, that might be feasible to provide locally.

And in perhaps one of the most innovative moves, Rice will establish a planning group with the two local medical clinics, Family Practice Medical Center and Affiliated Community Medical Centers, to study and make recommendations about existing and new hospital services that show potential for growth.   Read the full article.

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