Microsoft Dynamics® GP

Microsoft Dynamics® GP is a business management solution that provides organizations with complete and scalable financial and operational functionality.

Microsoft Dynamics® GP is a business management solution that provides organizations with complete and scalable financial and operational functionality. A wide spectrum of integrated applications is available with Microsoft Dynamics GP, including financial management, business intelligence and reporting, supply chain management, manufacturing, human resource management, service management, project management, customer relationship management, collaborative work space, and configuration and development tools.

Microsoft Dynamics® GP helps you connect business processes for increased productivity and improved efficiency, while gaining better visibility and control over decision-driving information. Microsoft Dynamics® GP works like and with Microsoft software, which is familiar to your people, fits with your systems, fuels your business productivity, and enables confident decision-making.

Financial Series
Microsoft Dynamics® GP's financial management solution helps you track and analyze your financial information to make better business decisions. This business management solution allows you to efficiently manage general ledger, payables, receivables inventory, sales, purchasing, analytical accounting, fixed asset, cash flow, collections, and bank reconciliation.

Supply Chain Management
Business success of production and distribution-based organizations depends upon streamlined distribution processes to provide partners, suppliers, and customers with high-level, quality service. Microsoft Dynamics® GP is the right business solution to optimize production, management, and service processes to keep pace with competitive markets and improve inventory management.

Payroll and Human Resource Management
Increasing employee productivity while minimizing costs and complexity, Microsoft Dynamics® GP's payroll and human resource management solution allows you to manage applicant and employee information and streamline processing payroll and benefits. With an efficient human resource management solution, your organization can maximize the positive return on its investment in their people, skills, and contributions while meeting government reporting requirements accurately and timely.

Collaboration, Analytics, and Reporting
Microsoft Dynamics® GP provides the tools and techniques needed to bring strategic insight into your business processes with sophisticated reporting, analysis, and budgeting solutions. Your people can develop reports using real-time information and share business-critical information via a Web browser across the organization allowing decision makers the ability to analyze the data according to their unique needs.

Wipfli is a Premier Partner Member of GPUG
GPUG Premier MemberGPUG is an independent group of Microsoft Dynamics GP users, partners, and industry experts, recognized by Microsoft as the official user group for Dynamics GP. Wipfli’s participation in GPUG demonstrates our commitment to the Microsoft Dynamics GP community and gives us new avenues to share our expertise.
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