Student opportunities

Build your career before you graduate.

Our campus recruiting begins early in your academic experience with our Aspiring Leaders Program, leading to an internship, followed by an entry-level position upon graduation. Along the way, you will have ample opportunity to learn about Wipfli and help us understand your fit at our firm.

Internships and entry-level

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Aspiring Leaders Program

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Working at Wipfli

The Wipfli Way isn’t a dusty mission statement that hangs on a wall. It’s a tangible part of everything we do.

Our clients will:

  • Be inspired to imagine the possible.
  • Be supported by caring professionals who make the client’s challenges their own.
  • Work with teams of Wipfli professionals who are dedicated to helping clients achieve their full potential.

Our associates will:

  • Be inspired to think freely and follow their passions.
  • Be encouraged to grow as people and professionals.
  • Commit to serving the firm’s clients with honesty and integrity.

Within the communities where Wipfli associates live and work, our associates will:

  • Embrace service and touch the lives of others.
  • Use their gifts to make a difference.
  • Impact generations to come.

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Working at Wipfli

Our clients and your future co-workers are the core of your day-to-day experience at Wipfli. So what will your experience be like at Wipfli and how can you translate your current experience to your success at Wipfli?
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Student Opportunities

There are many opportunities to get familiar with Wipfli and build your career here.
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Find Your Path

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Career Center

We want you to be successful in your job search at Wipfli. Visit our career center and learn some valuable career advice!
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