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Wipfli’s Community Day helps 82 organizations around the country

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Wipfli LLP, one of the top 20 CPA and consulting firms in the United States, closed its doors for business on September 22 so that hundreds of associates throughout the firm’s 37 U.S. offices could spend the time giving back to the communities that have fueled the firm’s growth. As the result of the firm’s Community Day this year, the firm’s associates dedicated over 5,000 work hours to 82 organizations to help make a difference in their communities.
“Giving back to the communities that have helped fuel the firm’s growth over the past 86 years is very important to Wipfli,” said Rick Dreher, Wipfli’s managing partner. “This year marks the 12th year for Wipfli’s Community Day - we are so proud of the impact our firm has made in our communities this year and throughout the years the firm has held this special day in our firm. Since its inception, our associates have dedicated approximately 37,500 hours to local organizations, which is extraordinary!”
Organizations around the country that were helped through Wipfli’s Community Day this year reiterated that valuable contributions were made on the firm’s Community Day.
Lori Johnson of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources – Hennepin Canal Parkway located in Rock Falls, Illinois, said, “The Wipfli associates did a phenomenal job from painting interior rooms of the IDNR Canal Colonel’s House (a historic landmark) along with major landscaping improvements. The assistance is greatly appreciated!”
Jess Schalk of Feed My Starving Children in Chicago, Illinois, said, “Wipfli packed 340 boxes worth of food (1-1/2 boxes per person) - incredible! Wipfli's big group had a great attitude. We hope Wipfli will do it again.”
Sarah Manes, Director of Programs and Community Relations for Angel Foundation in Minneapolis, Minnesota, said, “The associates helped stuff our AngelPack teen backpacks for oncology clinics and helped make holiday cards for our cancer patients! We are so thankful – this is a huge help and impacts our cancer community in a positive way! Wipfli keeps on giving – financial support and donating stuffed animals to our Facing Cancer Together families. We are so thankful for (Wipfli’s) ongoing generosity and support - we love Wipfli!”
Bethel Erickson-Bruce, Volunteer Coordinator with the Gallatin Valley Food Bank in Bozeman, Montana, said, “(Wipfli’s associates) were rock stars! They helped us repack rice, process beets, paint the exterior door, stock our store and more. It was great to have so much help getting needed projects completed! They were fantastic – we hope to have them back at some point!”

Latoya Gillyard, logistic coordinator with Stop Hunger Now in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, said, “The impact (Wipfli associates) made today is beyond measure. They gave a child a chance to live, grow, learn, and a new way to survive – all from making 10,000 meals. I would love to work with this amazing group again.”
Emily Kanally, Volunteer Center Manager with Second Harvest in Spokane, Washington, said, “(Wipfli associates) helped to sort donated food drive items. Total poundage was 12,523, which equals 10,436 meals. The group was very helpful!”
Maggie Fischer, Volunteer Coordinator with Feed My People Food Bank in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, said, “The volunteers from Wipfli were a huge help. They helped us package apples and cereal. The apples, because they are perishable, take priority. They were able to work through three 700 pound totes (approximately 2,100 total pounds) in just about an hour and then continued to work on bagging cereal for children in our area who struggle with food insecurity. Wipfli’s commitment to giving back to their community is especially impactful.”
Maureen Berghoefer, Seniors Program Manager with Middleton Outreach Ministry in Madison, Wisconsin, said, “The impact was tremendous. Most clients served have physical challenges maintaining their homes and yards due to aging. Seniors are often hesitant to ask for help because they view themselves as a burden. What was achieved during Wipfli’s Community Day was “stupendous and just amazing” to borrow words from a client. Another called the volunteers a godsend and commented how well they worked together as a team. Another told me Wipfli has set the bar so high I will be hard pressed to match the efforts with any other company. Another told me she felt she had eight angels in her pocket that day. I saw volunteers who worked hard, got dirty and fulfilled wishes in many cases beyond expectations. I saw volunteers who showed respect and gave compassion to our clients. These efforts are the fuel that keeps Middleton Outreach Ministry running smoothly and successfully.”
Whitney Schumacher of Boys and Girls Club in Wausau, Wisconsin, said, “(Wipfli’s associates were) a dedicated group of individuals who want to make a difference in our community. The club appreciates their time and efforts to help make our facility a positive place for our members.”