As one of the elite unions of professional sports franchises and players, the company’s mission is to ensure that the rights of the players are protected and that every conceivable measure is taken to assist players in maximizing their opportunities and achieving their goals. Whether it is negotiating a collective bargaining agreement, prosecuting a grievance on a player’s behalf or counseling a player on benefits and educational opportunities, the union advocates on behalf of the best interest of all players.


The project was to stand up a Budgeting and Planning solution along with Executive and Financial Reporting. Planful was chosen for both its Excel familiar planning front-end as well as its easy user adoption and dynamic reporting capabilities. The project duration was approximately six months but the client was live and planning in the application in less than three.

Key requirements included:

  • Quicker collection of data during the budgeting process from a geographically dispersed user group
  • Planning capabilities at both the event level and consolidated project level
  • Simplified administration of planning models
  • Consolidated roll-up reporting, departmental financial statements, balance sheets, and cash flows
  • Workforce planning of expenses at the employee level

Key challenges included:

  • Multiple entities with differing fiscal years
  • Varying security requirements for cross-functional departmental planning contributors
  • Standardizing travel expense planning across the organization
  • Planning for all Marketing events at the event level


Users were able to adopt system and begin budgeting within 1-hour of training. The simpler presentation of all budgeting and planning templates (Operating Expense, Travel, Project, Events) tied together minimized any duplicate data entry, and the team was able to gain significantly greater insight into Project, Event, and Travel Planning, all major functions of the expenses controlled by Finance. With Planful, the client had access to Employer-Paid Employee Expense Tracking well beyond their previous capabilities.

Relationship Executive(s)

Shereen Mahoney, CPA, Partner