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Hospitals and health systems: Cybersecurity, ransomware and how to prepare

Cyberattacks are on the rise, especially for hospitals and health systems. Wipfli examines how to safeguard your IT systems and ways to strengthen security.

By: Paul J. Johnson
Industries: Healthcare
Services: Business consulting services, Cybersecurity

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6 factors that determine IoT price for manufacturers

Manufacturers want to make sure IoT price aligns with a strong return on investment. Here are six things that factor into the cost of IoT implementation.

By: Mark Stevens
Industries: Manufacturing and Distribution

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How CEOs can be proactive in cybersecurity

How CEOs can make sure their business prioritizes cybersecurity and has a robust cybersecurity plan to handle a data breach or cyberattack.

By: Tom Wojcinski
Services: Business consulting services, Cybersecurity

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Real time marketing is here with Microsoft Dynamics’ customer journey orchestration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing has launched customer journey orchestration, giving organizations real time marketing capabilities.

By: Lauren Haapakoski
Services: Business consulting services, Tech Consulting

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7 ways tribes can strengthen their cybersecurity posture

Ransomware attacks specifically targeting tribes and their business operations are growing. Here are 7 ways to mitigate cyber risk.

By: Suresh Geer
Industries: Tribal Gaming and Government
Services: Business consulting services, Cybersecurity

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FinCEN issues first national AML/CFT priorities

FinCEN has issued the first-ever priorities for anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT). Learn more here.

By: Jennifer M. Lafferty
Industries: Financial Institutions
Services: Business consulting services, Compliance

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Why you still need estate planning even if you don’t have a taxable estate

If you’re not wealthy, why do you need to care about estate planning? Because these legal documents can impact a lot more than just who inherits your assets.

By: Ryan P. Laughlin
Services: Private Client Services

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Pritzker signs Illinois SALT cap workaround into law

Governor JB Pritzker signed Illinois Senate Bill 2531 into law, providing a salt cap workaround for qualified partnerships and S corporations.

By: Jessica L. Macklin
Services: CPA Tax Services, State Tax Services

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Ag Conversations blog

Ag Conversations

The ag landscape is always changing, and you need reliable information you can depend on. Designed with you in mind, Ag Conversations covers topics important to you and your business — everything from how to successfully navigate the current tax environment to updates on court rulings and policy issues. Let your voice be heard. Join the conversation!

Industries: Agribusiness

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Bank on Wipfli blog

Bank on Wipfli - Blog and Podcast

Count on Bank on Wipfli blogs and podcasts to be your go-to source for need-to-know-now information that affects the financial institution industry.

Industries: Financial Institutions, Financial Services
Services: Audit and Accounting, Business consulting services, CPA Tax Services

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D365 blog

Connect – Microsoft Dynamics 365

Stay connected with product news, best practices, ideas, and tips to explore alignment with strategic business objectives, meet a short term tactical need, or just get thinking.

Services: Tech Consulting, Business consulting services

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Dynamics GP blog

Get Dynamic - Microsoft Dynamics GP

Get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics GP with the latest tips, tricks, and announcements that help keep it simple.

Industries: Manufacturing and Distribution
Services: Business consulting services, Tech Consulting

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Dealership Blog | Wipfli

Dealer Conversations

The dealer environment is rapidly changing, and you need reliable sources of information more than ever. Dealer Conversations covers topics and issues important to you and your business. We would like to hear from you — join the conversation!

Industries: Dealerships

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CMS FY2022 Home Health and Hospice – Payment and Policy changes

Recently, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued the Final Rule impacting Hospice Agencies and Skilled Nursing Facilities FY2022 payment rules.

Industries: Healthcare
Services: Business consulting services

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Financial planning strategies for healthcare professionals – New ways to manage your financial well-being

Healthcare professionals will want to view this webinar to learn about personal financial planning strategies they may have not considered – until now.

Industries: Healthcare

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Healthcare Connections: Healthcare mergers and acquisitions, buying and selling what you need to know

This webinar discusses merger and acquisition activities in the healthcare industry.

By: Lisa M. Cribben
Industries: Healthcare

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How to keep your remote workforce secure and productive

Watch this remote work productivity webinar recording to learn how your association can use technology to build and secure your remote workforce.

By: Ryan Peasley
Industries: Nonprofits
Services: Business consulting services, Tech Consulting

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Healthcare Connections: Provider Relief Fund Reporting – What you need to know

Watch this webinar recording as we discuss the latest updates to the HHS Provider Relief Fund reporting requirements and provide guidance on what we know.

By: Jeff Bramschreiber, Larry P. Lester, Tiffany Karlin, Wes A. Thew
Industries: Healthcare

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Top benefits: How associations can improve operations with a modern financial system

The shift to the cloud is in high gear. By adopting a modern accounting and financial system, associations benefit from more than just enabling remote work. In this webinar, we dive into how modern accounting software can help you:

  • Increase visibility into financial performance
  • Digitize tedious manual processes
  • Streamline budgeting and planning workflows
  • Improve security
  • Integrate with AMS systems

Join us to learn how your association can use finance and accounting technology to improve your operations.

By: Brent Neitz, Shereen Mahoney
Industries: Nonprofits
Services: Business consulting services, Tech Consulting

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Business continuity planning post-pandemic. Keeping your program current and flexible

Is your business continuity program well defined and up to date? This webinar recording discusses the regulatory requirements for a business continuity program as well as critical features of a leading program.

By: Teri J. Behling, Tom Wojcinski
Industries: Financial Institutions, Financial Services, Private Equity
Services: Business consulting services, Tech Consulting

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Senior Living Educational Series: Understanding accounts receivables from A-Z

Topic: Triple Check and Appeal Process

This webinar is a must watch for skilled nursing providers who want to learn more about auditing Medicare claims and the steps necessary if you need to file an appeal. In a world of multiple audit agencies looking at providers’ claims, it’s important for providers to audit themselves first. The most effective way to accomplish this is through the Triple Check Process, an internal audit process prior to submitting claims for payment.

During the video webinar, we discussed

  • A Checklist for implementing an effective Triple Check Process
  • Key action steps when auditing claims prior to submitting to Medicare for review and payment
  • How to tackle and overcome the appeal process for Medicare and Medicare Advantage


Peggy Biesen, Consultant, Senior Living

Tina Campbell, Specialist II, Senior Living

Brent Young, Manager, Senior Living

Industries: Healthcare

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