State and Local Tax

Professionals help clients stay ahead of the curve, mitigating tax exposure and avoiding overpayment.

Stay up to speed with state and local tax laws. Dedicated experts collaborate with clients, implementing and managing solutions to mitigate exposure, avoid paying too much tax, and create a competitive advantage in areas like:

Wipfli's State and Local Tax team stays current on, organizes, and clarifies the increasingly complex statutes, minimizing an organization’s tax exposure.

Featured Expertise

Gregory G. Butler, CPA

Specializing in multistate taxation and incentives, Greg is the leader of Wipfli's State and Local Tax Practice. He has over 25 years of experience in providing tax compliance and consulting services to closely held companies. 


Seeking More State & Local Tax Benefits?

States are eager to retain and attract businesses that create jobs and invest in capital. Don’t miss out on the growing list of State and Local Tax Incentives for investing in people, processes, or capital expenditures.