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Provide clarity around SALT and minimize your SALT tax exposure

A continually changing state tax landscape makes it tough to stay informed and effectively plan for the future. You need a tax advisor who can guide you and partner with you to reach your goals — whether that’s understanding compliance requirements or avoiding an overpayment of tax.

Why Wipfli?

Wipfli’s state and local tax advisors help you stay up to speed with SALT laws and clarify the increasingly complex statutes. From state and local tax consulting to compliance assistance, we implement and manage solutions to create competitive advantages, mitigate your SALT tax exposure and minimize tax.

How we help

All states that have a sales tax have implemented economic nexus laws, and state regulators are aggressive in their efforts to audit filers and root out non-filers.

By creating solutions that align with your business objectives, Wipfli helps you identify the possible impact of your tax obligations, mitigate your risk and liabilities and provide you with a comprehensive strategy to get your company compliant. We assist with everything from nexus studies, voluntary disclosure agreements, utility exemption studies, taxability determinations and compliance reporting to sales and use tax audit defense, refund overpayment reviews and jurisdictional tax registrations.

Wipfli’s state income and franchise tax advisors deliver the proactive guidance you need to effectively manage risk and satisfy your long-term business objectives.

With deep experience, the Wipfli team provides assistance across a broad range of personal income tax, business income tax, franchise tax and gross receipts tax topics — including nexus studies, voluntary disclosure agreements, apportionment issues, pass-through entity tax elections, state residency, due diligence consulting, corporate income tax combined/consolidated filing issues, and audit support and defense.

Navigating tax rules and filing requirements across multiple state and local taxing jurisdictions can be overwhelming.

Wipfli’s property tax professionals have developed a comprehensive process to help you manage your tax obligation, minimize your tax liability with common-sense reporting, and leverage statutory exemptions. From personal property tax compliance to reviewing where you have filing obligations, we deliver a custom solution for your business that helps relieve the burden on your internal resources.


Unclaimed property is a growing area of financial concern for companies of all sizes and in all industries. Many state administrators have increased enforcement efforts for compliance with their unclaimed property laws and regulations.

Wipfli professionals can help you identify the potential impact of unclaimed property, mitigate risk and remediate unclaimed property liabilities. With proactive planning, our tax advisors help you create a seamless strategy to become compliant. We also provide training and support to company personnel, representation throughout audits and VDAs, and unclaimed property reporting.

Client success story

Discover how our state and local tax advisors helped a client achieve $275,000 in tax savings.