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Audit and assurance services

Assurance for stakeholders and you

Regulators, customers, lenders and investors are seeking more assurance than ever before. Organizations must take extra steps to help build trust and accountability around their financial statements for stakeholders and to help ensure the compliance of their operations.

Why Wipfli?

Wipfli has deep experience providing audit and assurance services. Our savvy professionals bring diverse experience in a range of industries, delivering audits that identify everything from risks to best practices to opportunities so that you can strengthen your business’s operations and stay compliant.

How we help

Financial statement audit and review

Wipfli takes a customized, risk-based approach to your review or audit, with procedures focused on the critical issues facing each individual client. Our diverse experience in a wide range of industries, financial know-how and business practicality allow us to use our client’s time and resources efficiently.

Single audit

With the increasing emphasis on transparency and accountability for federal funds, certain organizations may need to go beyond the financial statement audit. At Wipfli, our team of dedicated single audit professionals work with you to deliver a smooth single audit process.

Internal audit

Get the most out of your internal audit. When you outsource or co-source your internal audit to Wipfli, you gain professionals who specialize in internal audits and bring a consultive mindset to working with you. We help you develop a strong internal audit plan, identify best practices, note inconsistencies and redundancies, and mitigate risk. 

Employee benefit plan audit

Each year, Wipfli conducts over 700 employee benefit plan audits, with as few as 100 or as many as 50,000 participants and several billion dollars in assets. We understand the complexity of the requirements and can help you maintain compliance and adhere to your fiduciary responsibilities.

System and Organization Controls (SOC) audit

Wipfli has extensive experience providing audits for SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3 using known frameworks. We can also help evaluate your preparedness against the Cloud Controls Matrix with a SOC 2+ audit.

PCAOB audit

As a registered auditor with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, Wipfli provides PCAOB audits to SEC issuers and broker-dealers. We bring objectivity and practicality to every audit, helping you maintain your compliance.

ESG services

A strong ESG program starts with a quality foundation. From reporting to attestation, Wipfli works with you to help ensure your ESG reporting meets regulations. Learn more.


Other attestation services

When you need assurance beyond financial statements, Wipfli can provide third-party validation with agreed-upon procedures and other attest services. From contract compliance to director exams to SEC custody exams, we help remove doubt, offer validity and bring clarity and efficiency to the process.

Case Study

Wipfli’s quick turnaround of All World Supply’s financial statement audit had a big impact.

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