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Digital strategy

Turn vision into strategy and strategy into results

Strategy is so much more than selecting software — it’s your chance to move the needle on your organization’s digital dial. Together, we can drive productivity, automate tasks, uncover new efficiencies and put technology at the center of everything.

From customer research to ideation and design, our team of top strategists build new digital experiences that drive your business forward. Our experience combines the ideas and goals of many on your team to build an integrated and comprehensive road map.

Why Wipfli?

Our team has decades of experience helping clients builds strategies that are achievable, measurable and actionable.

But unlike other digital powerhouses, we don’t deliver the same cookie-cutter recommendations and then bounce over to the next client. We work as an extension of your team — from concept to creation — to deliver what matters most to you and your customers. Our process is strategic but simple: We consult, design and execute.

  • Consult: Our team of strategists, designers, product managers and technologists meet with you to understand your business goals — and more importantly to start to understand your audience. Next, we examine workflows across departments to formulate a view of your digital enterprise system and identify areas for improvement.
  • Design: Guided by the findings, we design a tangible road map for the path forward. Our plans include recommendations for innovative products as seen through your audience’s eyes, as well as metrics, timelines and milestones to track your success.
  • Execute: Once we’re aligned on your new strategy, we execute that plan and collaborate with you to activate the road map. Along the way, we check in to support your team and identify where we can amplify the return on your technology investment.

How we help

Customer research

Understand the wants and needs of the people you’re looking to serve, and then use those insights to deliver an on-point solution.

Usability testing

Find out how your technology is performing in the hands of its users by putting it through thorough testing criteria. Your findings help you improve accessibility, responsiveness and the overall experience.

Technology assessments

Know what’s working and what’s not. Spot security vulnerabilities and learn how you can give users a cleaner experience.

Solution design

Tailor your tech needs to specific situations, so you’ll never be left lacking. Our team can guide you as we create a comprehensive plan that can address almost any need you may have.

Product road-mapping

Partner with us to formulate a plan that has the power to help achieve your vision by accounting for top priorities, milestones and the resources required to complete the project.

Ideation workshops

Unlock near-infinite possibilities for your technology stack and organization by scheduling time with our specialists to formulate a fresh approach — one that’s centered on efficiency, optimization and productivity.

Modernized systems

Modernize your legacy systems with a strategy that integrates user research and digital road maps to smooth your operations.

Case study

Our tailored solution helped deliver $16M in funding and save hours of time.

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Our perspective drives growth

For more than 90 years, Wipfli has used our unique perspective to deliver practical yet transformational solutions to our clients. Our integrated approach helps mitigate risk, optimize performance and accelerate growth.