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Carlos Vega Irvine

3 Park Plaza
Irvine, CA 92614



Email: carlos.vega@wipfli.com

Carlos Vega

Director, Digital Strategy

Carlos Vega is a diversified digital strategy and transformation expert who has worked in multiple senior roles in strategic planning, finance and IT. He has held various senior digital transformation roles for some of the largest automotive and automotive finance organizations in the world, along with large financial institutions, banking software companies and fintech startups. He is passionate about breaking down customer frustration points by building engaging experiences using data, research and emerging technologies. Carlos believes the status quos in many industries needs to be challenged and reinvented in order to evolve and survive due to the current digital evolution.


  • Scrum Alliance – Certified Scrum Master

Areas of Focus

  • Digital transformation
  • Digital strategy
  • Product ideation
  • Custom software development
  • CRM
  • Emerging technologies


Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles

  • Bachelor of business administration degree in finance
  • Bachelor of business administration degree in IT

University of Southern California, Los Angeles

  • Masters of business administration degree in finance and technology commercialization