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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation

The next generation of cloud-based project management.

Project Service Automation helps your organization optimize resources and deliver exceptional project experiences.

A module of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Project Service Automation integrates with Office 365 and other Microsoft cloud solutions. The module extends the power of Dynamics 365, providing an end-to-end project management solution that integrates internal administration and customer-facing collaboration, into one unified platform.

Project Service Automation works “out of the box” and can be extended to meet distinct business needs. Standard tools include:

  • Templates and dashboards
  • Gantt charts
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Machine learning
  • Data visualizations

How can Project Service Automation transform your business?

Project Service Automation equips you to plan and manage projects, optimize resources, track profitability, deliver insights and increase employee productivity.

From sales, planning and delivery to after-sale service, managing the complete customer lifecycle in just one application helps you manage profitable projects, with confidence.

Simplify estimating, contracting

A unified sales dashboard provides visibility into open opportunities, in-progress jobs, and profitability. Connect directly with the customer on quotes, scope and contracts through a secure portal.

Speed project launch

Project Service Automation enables you to plan while you’re closing an opportunity. Map out expected timelines and tasks, estimate budget and “soft-book” appropriate resources. When the opportunity closes, you can hit the ground running.

Modernize project management

Equip your teams with a modern platform to manage tasks, log time and view timelines and budget consumption. Data visualizations help determine how you’re performing to goals, such as timeline and budget, so you can adjust and stay on track.

Boost productivity

Automate personalized, at-a-glance task management for every member of the team. Your delivery team sees what they need to complete and when.

Optimize resource management

With machine learning capabilities, Project Service Automation helps identify talent and equipment resources, based on skills and availability. Simplify coordination between sales, resource managers and project managers to forecast demand. And get the right people on the right projects.

Deepen customer engagement

Easy to use collaborative project management tools can be shared with project teams and clients. Build trusted relationships with customer-responsive tools.  

Analyze profitability

On project closeout, aggregate financials to display data visualizations that track revenue across people, regions, customers and projects. Get accurate metrics on billable resource utilization and project profitability.

Take the next step

Find out if Project Service Automation fits your business needs. Wipfli offers a complimentary four-hour assessment. Our specialists will analyze your core processes and business challenges, provide industry best practices and help determine if this application is right for you.

Learn more about Wipfli’s Project Service Automation assessment, as well as our other complimentary Dynamics 365 assessments and workshops.

View Microsoft’s case study on a Wipfli implementation of Project Service Automation.

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