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Estate and gift planning

Turn vision into reality and preserve a lasting financial legacy

Our integrated services can help preserve a lasting financial legacy through proactive tax planning and well-thought-out elections for gifts, estates and trusts.

Everyone’s vision for their future is unique — including yours. That’s why our team doesn’t plug everyone into the same plan. We take the time to get to know you and talk with you – not over you.

Estate and gift planning

Our seasoned professionals use proven tools and techniques in estate and gift planning in navigating changing and uncertain state and federal transfer tax environments.

Our team can:

  • Review, outline and explain the details of your current estate plan.
  • Review trust agreements.
  • Handle trust administration, including income, transactions, reports and tax returns.
  • Maximize charitable contributions and minimize tax liabilities.
  • Provide assistance in understanding family dynamics, the nature and value of the estate, and fundamental estate planning goals.
  • Facilitate long-term family planning aimed at multi-generational wealth preservation with family office services.
  • Resolve tax disputes.
  • Help you maximize the lifetime estate and gift tax exemption before the January 1, 2026, sunset.