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Accelerate growth

Technology companies need to deliver results — fast.

That means your business needs to scale and become profitable quickly, without cutting corners or slowing down. And you need to mature operations and processes, without losing agility or your edge.

You need help.

Wipfli helps tech firms move fast today and prepare for tomorrow. We make it easier to focus on what matters, so that you can secure the next round of funding, build your team and grow.

Why Wipfli?

We don’t just pop in, drop a solution and then disappear. We move quickly to get you the results you need today, but we also take the time to build a long-term relationship with you to continually fuel your growth and value. Our deep knowledge of the technology industry means we can anticipate your needs to help you get to — and guide you through — your next inflection point.

Tap into our knowledge and experience in:

Digital services

We help accelerating, tech-centric companies build strong data foundations so that they can make decisions, communicate with investors and speed up operations. We build technology for technology companies. Where’s your roadblock? See how we can provide a solution to fill your talent gap or tighten security to help you clear regulatory hurdles.

Organizational performance

Build the team you need and the culture you want. We help technology companies recruit, train and keep strong leaders and teams. We can also help you decide what, when and how to outsource. Our associates use data-backed tools such as the Predictive Index to ensure the right people are in the right roles, both now and as you grow. And we build lean processes to maximize your human resources.

Compliance and risk

Scaling at speed brings risk. Wipfli can set up internal controls, cybersecurity assessments and audits to lower your chances of findings and fraud. We stay on top of complex regulations, wherever you operate. With Wipfli, you can better protect yourself against compliance and regulatory risks as you expand.


Are you using investor funding wisely? How close are you to turning a profit? Wipfli associates can evaluate the financial position of your firm — and optimize it for growth. We help you tighten financial controls today, anticipate future financial needs, design and maintain stock-based compensation plans and prepare you for the next phase.

Outsourced accounting and cybersecurity

It’s time to hand off tasks that you (and your staff) don’t love or have the time or experience to handle. Whether that’s running payroll, paying bills or closing the books — we’ve got you. Outsource your CFO, accounting or IT roles to Wipfli and reclaim time and energy.

Tax services

Taxes are complicated, and that complexity only grows as you scale. We make taxes easier for you to manage, even if you operate in multiple cities, states or countries. We handle tax planning, reporting and filing — and help you predict the tax consequences of future strategies. From ASC 606 and ASC 740 to research and development tax credits, you need to understand the entire financial picture as you scale. Wipfli brings everything into focus and creates more opportunities for tax-advantaged growth. 

Client success story

Learn how Wipfli helped AccuWeather eliminate hours of manual work.

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Client testimonial

“This project has provided us with a positive experience with Wipfli. From the beginning, they understood our processes, communicated with us regularly, and brought exceptional project management skills and software development expertise to the table.”

— Corey Stilton, CIO at Orchard Software