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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Create more effective marketing campaigns

Enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and activities with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing. This all-in-one system allows you to create personalized journeys across all touchpoints so you can capture valuable leads, strengthen relationships with current customers and build customer trust and loyalty.

Use Dynamics 365 Marketing to:

  • Leverage a single system that centralizes your data and covers your marketing needs — from emails to surveys to customer journey mapping
  • Better understand your buyer journeys and how to tailor marketing efforts to those journeys
  • Gain AI-driven recommendations for content, channels, customer segmentation and analytics
  • Quantify engagement levels and the return on investment of specific marketing campaigns
  • Track customer and prospect behavior and use the data to make more effective decisions

Why Wipfli?

Some firms understand how to execute effective marketing but can’t help you configure Dynamics 365 on the backend. Other firms are experts in Dynamics 365, but they don’t go past implementing the system for you, and they don’t have the industry expertise to understand your biggest challenges.

Wipfli is the implementation partner you need to plan strategically around how your organization can use Dynamics 365 Marketing effectively, implement and customize the solution to reach your specific goals, and even raise adoption through change management. We’re also here to help optimize the system as you grow so it can continue scaling with you.

An added benefit? When you work with Wipfli, you work with a firm tapped by Microsoft to help continually refine its products and introduce new features to make your day-to-day easier and your efforts even more effective.

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