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Transforming people to transform your future

People determine the success of your organization.

The right leadership keeps your organization aligned and gives your people the guidance they need to be engaged and work toward goals that serve both their individual development and your organization’s performance.

Ineffective leadership can cause both your business and brand to suffer: Top performers will be more inclined to leave for environments with better guidance on their day-to-day work and future career direction. And the employees that do stay are less likely to be engaged, lacking the support they need to improve their skills. 

Building leadership that can help you transform your organization is achievable — but it requires top-to-bottom commitment.

Generational shifts and the resulting leadership vacuum mean that your organization needs to find new ways to adapt to changes in the labor market and employee expectations. And the added pressures of a dynamic business landscape mean that your current leaders must be capable of continually transforming both themselves and your organization.

Placing leadership development at the center of your plans for the year can give you the bench strength you need to improve your leadership capacity and succession planning. It also helps you empower people at all levels of your organization to thrive, by encouraging a culture of growth and continual preparedness.

And Wipfli’s leadership development consulting can help you get there. With programs that span all levels of leadership, including executives, we can help your leaders drive organizational performance now and in the future.

Why Wipfli?

Many leadership development programs fail. The reason is simple: They don’t create systemic and lasting behavioral change. At Wipfli, we don’t believe in a quick boot camp that results in business as usual once you return to work.

In our leadership development programs, we start by understanding your business objectives and the skills your leaders need to reach them. We then apply real-time situations to learning so that participants come away with solutions and practical strategies that align with their real work. 

Wipfli’s programs also go beyond upskilling leadership to help enact a cultural shift that puts people at the center.

We want your leaders to understand that success isn’t just about skills; it’s about how well they’re able to develop your people. And when they have the guidance they need to focus on helping others succeed and grow, your organization can see results from increased engagement, retention and productivity to reduced turnover.

Whether you’re looking to develop high performers, hire new leaders or help current leaders fulfill their potential, Wipfli can help. Our coaches and facilitators bring years of experience, industry knowledge and proven tools and processes to help you create transformational leadership. 

How we help

Wipfli’s Leadership Essentials training program provides flexible leadership development designed for your company’s unique needs.

We take your leaders on a dynamic, nine-part journey that equips them with the skills and knowledge they need to develop high-performing teams. And we align our program with your strategic goals so that you can see a clear return on your investment.

Effective collaboration is critical for success. A highly functioning team can exceed expectations, while inadequate teamwork can leave your organization running in place.

Wipfli takes a data-based approach to your team development. We use scientifically validated assessments to understand individual and group dynamics and examine how your team functions regarding trust, conflict resolution, commitment, accountability and performance.

Based on your results, we create customized, interactive team-building and problem-solving exercises to address the specific dynamics of your team.

With our program, your employees develop an increased awareness of self and others and learn how to work together effectively, helping you create high-performing teams.

To transform your organization, you need leadership that transcends.

Leaders who transcend go beyond their current limits to find ways to grow their people and their organization. They know how to leverage their strengths and curiosity, making them capable of driving strategy and change in your organization.

Wipfli is ready to help your senior leadership and executives reach that state.

Our process

Our leadership coaching services help leaders excel by addressing specific skill deficits and focusing on the key aspects of leading others.

We develop your organization’s high performers, new leaders in transition and leaders who aren’t fulfilling their potential with our three-step process:

1. Discover: We help leaders understand how they operate, identifying their core values, beliefs and strengths, as well as the behaviors acting as obstacles to their success.

2. Conquer resistance: We challenge individuals’ beliefs and assumptions about their leadership and recruit a team that can support their development.

3. Transcend: We help leaders find their edge and leverage it so that they can transcend their limitations, and we enable them to foster an ongoing, relentless curiosity through a growth mindset.

Our approach

We offer two coaching options to match your organization’s needs:

  • Rise: Wipfli’s Rise is an accessible, 90-day approach to help your most critical leaders reach the next level in their growth. If your organization is in the process of transformation or innovation, this approach can help your leadership rapidly realize their capacity to own and drive change.
  • Transform: Wipfli’s Transform approach provides leaders with long-term support to help them develop the skills they need to better guide your organization. During this six-to-12 month approach, we support them with personalized, one-on-one coaching to help them develop critical leadership skills, such as EQ and executive presence.

For both approaches, our coaches apply proven assessment tools — including G360, EQ-i and Predictive Index — and in-depth guidance to help your leadership transcend and create a lasting impact.

Talent is one of your most vital resources. And in a tough labor market, acquiring and allocating it effectively becomes even more critical.

Talent assessment tools can help ensure your organization is hiring people who fit your culture and giving them roles where they can thrive. Let Wipfli help you make data-driven decisions about your people with these assessments:

Predictive Index

Solve your people problems faster with Wipfli and Predictive Index (PI).

Wipfli is a certified partner of PI, a talent optimization platform that has helped thousands of organizations for more than 65 years. We help you take advantage of PI’s assessments and data-driven strategies so that you’re not just hiring the right people but also designing better teams.

Together, we’ll help you combine your people strategy with your business strategy so that talent stays engaged and capable of giving you their best performance.


Better support your organization’s current and future talent development needs.

Wipfli can help your organization facilitate the emotional quotient inventory (EQ-i) assessment process and evaluate your results so that you can improve your people strategy. Using EQ-i, we can help your people create effective development plans and increase leadership readiness by identifying individuals with the leadership qualities your organization needs.

360-degree evaluations

Wipfli can help your leadership gain a new perspective with 360-degree evaluations.

The 360-degree review focuses on gathering feedback from a variety of sources, helping the recipients better understand how others perceive them and identify areas where they can improve their leadership.

Wipfli can help you facilitate 360-degree evaluations so that you can build more effective plans for developing your people. With our 360-degree evaluation support, you can find new ways to increase employee productivity and engagement and ultimately enhance your organizational performance.


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