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Business Valuation services

Valuation services

Get clarity and confidence in determining the value of your business

Business valuations are complex and nuanced.

Wipfli understands how every aspect of a business contributes to determining its true value. Our business valuation service team has helped thousands of stakeholders across the nation with:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Management and business succession planning
  • Shareholder transactions: buy-sell and litigation 
  • Divorce proceedings/settlements
  • Gifting and estate settlement
  • Financial reporting: purchase price allocation and goodwill impairment
  • Buy-sell agreements

Why Wipfli?

We don’t provide cookie-cutter business appraisal services. From an ASC 805 valuation to financial modeling, our services are delivered by a team with deep industry knowledge and experience. We provide clients with meaningful data that meets legal and compliance regulations — all while delivering a list of actionable recommendations to increase the value of the business

Client success story

Discover how Wipfli’s valuation services helped Antigo move its deals forward and execute its growth plans.

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