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Tax services

Tax services

Targeted tax strategies

No matter if it’s local, state, federal or international — the tax environment is complicated. But you can work with experienced tax advisors to develop strategies that minimize tax exposure and meet your needs.

Why Wipfli?

At Wipfli, we take a proactive and comprehensive approach to delivering everything from SALT nexus reviews to R&D tax credits to international tax planning. We implement solutions that create a robust tax strategy, helping you minimize your tax burden and turn would-be challenges into opportunities. The tax environment can be complex, but with our combination of tax law knowledge and years of experience, we help you navigate it with ease so you can achieve your goals.

CPA tax services

From tax planning and strategy to tax accounting, Wipfli delivers comprehensive solutions to individuals, businesses and nonprofits.

Tax credits and incentives

With deep knowledge of R&D tax credits, cost segregation, opportunity zones, energy tax credits and other incentives, Wipfli helps businesses increase cash flow.

State and local tax

Stay ahead of the curve, mitigate tax exposure, avoid overpayment, and create a competitive advantage and minimize state and local tax.

International tax services

Looking to expand internationally? Have existing global operations and need to help ensure tax compliance? Let Wipfli meet your international tax accountant needs.

Client success story

Discover how our state and local tax advisors helped a client achieve $275,000 in tax savings.

Wipfli tax alerts and updates

Receive timely tax developments, regulatory changes and other tax news impacting your business.