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Tax credits and incentives

Maximize your investment in people, processes and capital

Many businesses miss out on significant savings from tax credits and incentives because they are unaware they qualify or they don’t understand the process for obtaining them.

Wipfli can help you identify and leverage the right credits and incentives so you can maximize your investment in your people and operations.

Why Wipfli?

Our tax advisors monitor changes in tax laws to stay up to date on eligibility requirements and emerging strategies and incentives that can help your business make smart financial and tax-planning decisions. With our extensive experience, we can help your business identify, leverage and maximize applicable credits and incentives.

How we help

Tax law is complex, and many activities that aren’t traditionally R&D oriented actually qualify for credits at the state and federal levels.

Wipfli’s research and development tax credit team knows where to look for activities that qualify and how to get it done with a minimally intrusive process — helping your business lower your tax liability and increase your cash flow. Let us help you determine which activities qualify, calculate your tax credit and apply for the federal credit and any applicable state credits.

Gain tax advantages and improved cash flow with a cost segregation study.

The Wipfli team has performed thousands of successful cost segregation studies on new construction and existing buildings throughout the U.S. We have the right combination of engineering skills, construction knowledge and income tax specialization to deliver an independent, third-party report that maximizes depreciation benefits and provides fully documented support in case of an IRS audit.

Businesses today are putting environmental concerns front and center in their financial decision-making. Wipfli can help you take advantage of tax credits, deductions and other incentives that help your business get the most from sustainability and clean energy initiatives. Energy tax credits we can assist you with include:

  • Section 45L or Section 179D tax deduction for energy-efficient construction
  • Electric vehicle tax credits
  • Alternative fuel tax credits
  • Renewable energy tax credits
  • Clean hydrogen credits

As an investor, you can take realized capital gains and reinvest them into qualified opportunity funds (QOFs) — gaining access to capital gain tax, tax deferral and step-up benefits.

Wipfli is here to help you confirm whether an investment is in an opportunity zone and qualifies as a QOF, set up and properly structure your own QOF, or work through the complexities of business and personal tax returns. 

Businesses investing in people, processes and capital expenditures can qualify for a range of tax benefits. Let Wipfli help you identify events that trigger tax credits and incentives such as:

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  • State and local tax incentive programs
  • IC-DISC and foreign tax credits
  • Section 1031 exchange
  • Historic rehabilitation tax credit
  • Low-income housing tax credits
  • Site selection incentives
Client success story

Discover how Wipfli’s feasibility assessment unearthed a $30,000 R&D tax credit for Valley Corporation.

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