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Better management of your fixed assets

Managing your fixed assets with traditional spreadsheets is not only cumbersome and complicated, it takes effort that could be better spent on more productive activities for your organization.

Wipfli AssetEdge increases visibility into your assets while reducing the amount of time needed to manage them. AssetEdge is conveniently contained within and works seamlessly with the Sage Intacct accounting platform you already use.

AssetEdge, Wipfli’s exclusive fixed asset management solution, offers a range of benefits that reduce errors and save your organization time and money:

  • Handles your complex depreciation and asset tracking needs yet is simple to use, allowing you to track construction in progress, physical location history and maintenance status.
  • Supports a wide range of everyday changes, including location, department, project or class transfer, asset class changes, asset revaluation and partial or full disposals.
  • Has the flexibility to function with all Intacct company structures, currencies, depreciation methods and conventions. The tool will work with Intacct regardless of your configuration.
  • Delivers seamless monthly, quarterly and year-end reconciliation and tie-out processes via AssetEdge’s built-in, roll-forward reporting.

Other key features

  • Automates asset creation via accounts payable and transactions, including third-party solutions such as bill.com, etc.
  • Offers immediate and complete GL visibility, from capitalization to depreciation to disposition and more. All GL entries within the asset life cycle are related back to the asset behind the resulting entry.
  • Provides powerful reports, charts and graphs. In addition to standard, built-in offerings, you can leverage the Intacct custom report writer where all AssetEdge data is available in Intacct.
  • Easily imports assets from a variety of other fixed asset systems.

Find the big functionality you need in your fixed asset management at a price you can afford with AssetEdge.

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