Wipfli logo

Wipfli logo and registered trademark

“Wipfli” is a registered trademark of Wipfli LLP. Unauthorized use of the Wipfli name or logo is strictly prohibited.

Wipfli Logo - Blue

Authorized users may download approved versions of the Wipfli brand logo below. By downloading logos, you agree to follow Wipfli’s logo guidelines. These logos may not be modified in any way.

  • “Standard color” logo refers to the blue bar with white text and is the preferred logo format.
  • “Reversed logo” refers to blue text on a white bar. This may be used in limited situations relating to partnership or event graphics when the standard logo cannot be used.
  • Black and white logos may only be used when logos must be printed in black and white.

RGB logos for digital/onscreen use:

Format Typical Use Cases Download
PNG (72 dpi)
  • Emails
  • Social media
  • PowerPoint
  • Word

Download standard color logo PNG

Download reversed color logo PNG

EPS (high-res vector)
  • Video
  • High-res web graphics

Download standard logo RGB EPS

Download RGB reversed logo RGB EPS

Logos for print use:

Format Typical Use Cases Download
Coated stock EPS (high-res vector)
  • Printed banners
  • Signage
  • Glossy paper prints
  • Brochures

Download standard color EPS (coated) 

Download reversed color EPS (coated)

Uncoated stock EPS (high-res vector)
  • Handouts

Download standard color EPS (uncoated)

Download reversed color EPS (uncoated)

Black and white EPS (high-res vector)
  • Black and white printed items, such as event programs or newsprint

Download black and white EPS

Download black and white reversed EPS