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Get the value of accounting specialists without the stress

In today’s world, every organization is facing the same dilemma: Financial management is more important than ever, but forming and maintaining your own in-house team is complicated, expensive and, at times, inefficient.

To succeed, your organization needs an innovative yet practical team — one that can take care of today’s tasks while using the latest technology to deliver new visibility into your organization and help you make proactive, strategic decisions.

At Wipfli, our team of advisors, accountants and financial specialists perform all of the day-to-day functions of an in-house financial team without the cost and complexity. We design our services to fit your unique needs, freeing you to focus on growing and running your organization.

Breakdown of our services

Our fractional CFO and controller service adds significant financial knowledge to your organization, delivering insights that help you identify and create new opportunities to generate profit and cash flow. As part of this service, we:

  • Provide financial analysis and strategic planning.
  • Create key performance indicators.
  • Evaluate margins and cost drivers by product, or evaluate financial stability by program.
  • Provide grant accounting and tracking.
  • Consult on debt structure and refinancing opportunities.
  • Create and oversee action plans to address budget gaps.
  • Recommend benchmarks to measure performance.
  • Analyze cash-flow forecasting with management.
  • Identify opportunities to improve cash flow.
  • Maintain banking relationships.
  • Perform bad debt calculations and analysis.
  • Analyze significant vendor relationships and trends.
  • Analyze spending habits.
  • Manage workers’ compensation relationships and negotiate pricing.
  • Attend board meetings.

Our team takes ownership of your organization’s finances, helping you focus on maintaining a growth trajectory.

As part of our fractional CFO service, we assist in controller functions and can:

  • Perform month-end close.
  • Review and analyze financial statements, identifying trends.
  • Oversee accounting department personnel.
  • Monitor budget to actual, identifying variances.
  • Prepare and submit debt covenants and borrowing base reporting.
  • Oversee the production of periodic financial reports and KPIs.
  • Assess opportunities for automation and integration.
  • Liaise with tax preparer.
  • Provide support for your financial strategic plan.
  • Perform cash-flow management and oversight.
  • Monitor accounts receivable aging and advise management on overdue accounts.
  • Forecast and recommend payments based on cash flow.
  • Reconcile expense reports to employee credit card statements.
  • Supervise payroll processing and submission.
  • Perform commissions calculations.

As part of our fractional CFO service, we assist in you key accounting areas and can:

  • Download and monitor bank activity.
  • Enter vendor invoices.
  • Reconcile vendor statements.
  • Pay vendors and track accounts payable.
  • Download and monitor credit card activity.
  • Enter transactions from employee expense reports.
  • Create customer or grant invoices.
  • Record invoice payments and track accounts receivable.
  • Process and record payroll.
  • Submit 401(k) or 403(b) payments.
  • Prepare and submit sales and use tax returns.
  • Reconcile credit card and bank statements.
  • Record depreciation.
  • Track unbilled revenue.
  • Manage and store financial documents in the cloud.
  • Track and adjust significant balance sheet accounts (e.g., prepaids, accruals and debt).

Help your CFO reach their potential by giving them access to support and coaching from our experienced team.

We help you elevate your CFO by providing them with personal coaching from a Wipfli CFO. We’ll provide them with a comprehensive and customized growth plan, designed to help them grow in key areas including:

  • Financial strategy and planning
  • Risk management
  • Financial reporting and compliance
  • Strategic decision-making
  • Project or program cost management and efficiency
  • Capital structure and project financing
  • Strategic decision making
  • Cash flow

We also provide a deep bench of support that’s available to augment your CFO, giving them time and increased capacity for special projects and excelling in their daily workload.

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