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Add value with a sustainable ESG strategy

ESG (environmental, social and governance) is an intrinsic part of growing your value, increasing your competitive edge and serving stakeholders.

ESG  (environmental, social and governance)

Tackling ESG risks and opportunities is no longer a nice-to-have PR strategy. It drives value in your organization through:

  1. Fueling growth: Attract new customers and deepen penetration in communities by demonstrating your social value.
  2. Saving money: Reduce costs and waste by analyzing and implementing resource efficiencies.
  3. Reducing risk: Achieve greater strategic freedom and minimize the impact of regulations by demonstrating ethical practices to officials and governing bodies.
  4. Increasing productivity: Increase employee morale, motivation and retention, plus gain access to a wider talent pool.
  5. Optimizing operations: Improve ROI on capital and technology investments to ensure sustainability and efficiency.

While the financial benefits might be clear, the how-to can be daunting. The first step into turning ESG concepts into action is by developing a practical strategy that leads to tangible — and reportable — results.

Wipfli is here to help. Our deep regulatory and risk advisory experience — plus our ability to turn strategy into action by aligning people, processes and technology — can turn ESG confusion into clarity and results.

Sustain.Life has teamed with Wipfli to offer powerful software solutions for clients to seamlessly measure, manage and report future sustainability initiatives. Sustain.Life’s intuitive technology offers sophisticated functionality in areas such as carbon accounting, supply chain management, target setting and more. Access a wide range of tech-enabled tools for ESG management and turn sustainability into a lever for growth. 

How we help

Develop an ESG strategy

We can help you determine which ESG regulation and reporting standards are relevant for your organization. We then work with your team to build a framework that’s aligned with compliance and public reporting needs.

ESG awareness, training and education

To help your management team and board members fully understand ESG concepts, we provide custom-crafted training workshops, covering topics such as relevance, value, reporting and risk tolerance. We can also assist your risk officer by providing deeper ESG education, talking through ESG concepts and reviewing the work they’ve done.

ESG reporting

A strong ESG program starts with a quality foundation for reporting. We can help you determine how to compile and report the information to stakeholders. We can also help ease the reporting process by helping you find the right digital reporting solution for you.

ESG program design and implementation

If you’ve already developed your strategy, we can build a framework and roadmap to help implement a sustainable and scalable ESG program.

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