Connectors for SAP Concur solutions for Oracle NetSuite

Integration between SAP Concur solutions and Oracle NetSuite

SAP Concur adds a lot of value to your organization, but what do you do when you need to get data from SAP Concur solutions into NetSuite?

Concur’s basic extractor exports hundreds of columns of data that then need to be manually parsed and formatted so it can be uploaded into NetSuite. All this manual downloading, manipulating and reuploading data between two platforms increases the likelihood of errors.

But you can save time and drastically reduce the chance of errors with ExpenseConnect and InvoiceConnect from Wipfli.


Built on a flexible data mapping backbone, ExpenseConnect enables you to simplify and streamline the integration of expense data and Oracle NetSuite. Our connector tool is a user interface (UI) built into the NetSuite environment to integrate it with Concur Expense — which also means you don’t have to switch between applications and can keep working in NetSuite.

Overall, ExpenseConnect reduces manual labor and cost while increasing the integrity of data integration between systems.


InvoiceConnect allows you to define the data mapping from Concur Invoice to NetSuite. By providing a bi-directional connection between the two, it automatically pulls approved invoices from Concur Invoice and flows them into NetSuite.

Ultimately, InvoiceConnect gives you a flexible, secure, cloud-based integration. You can easily maintain and synchronize vendor information, reduce the time it takes to approve and account for an invoice from a vendor, and automatically generate the appropriate documents and transactions in NetSuite.

It also accommodates multi-entity deployments of NetSuite, as well as multi-currency transactions.

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ExpenseConnect for Oracle NetSuite
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