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Qlik is a software provider of business intelligence and data visualization tools. It offers two solutions: QlikView and Qlik Sense — both of which have earned praise for their ease of use and the way they break down and display data. And they’re both cloud-based, so you can access the tools anywhere, anytime.

QlikView: Guided analytics

QlikView provides you with data based on user queries. In other words, it gives your organization quick answers and insights that further enable data-based decision-making.

Qlik Sense: AI-based intuition

Qlik Sense uses AI to offer new insights into your data and combine data sources into a single view. It’s not limited to pre-aggregated data models or predefined queries. You can use it to fully configure how you visualize your data to make connections you wouldn’t have otherwise made.

How Wipfli can help

As a trusted Qlik Solutions Provider since 2007, Wipfli helps your business identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) you can use with Qlik to make fast yet robust business decisions. We also plan out your Qlik implementation based on your business needs, including user adoption concerns, before fully testing and deploying the solution. Plus, we provide training and ongoing support so that your employees can fully master the tool and you can achieve your full return on investment.

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