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Cybersecurity services

Cybersecurity services

Fortify your defenses and increase your resilience

A single breach can ruin customer relationships, disrupt workflows, destroy data and compromise your credibility. To manage risk, you have to know what and where the threats are.

That means you need not only the right tools and monitoring but also a strategy that embeds security into your operations and resiliency in your strategy.

From threat analysis and simulations to 24/7 monitoring and data recovery, we can help proactively protect your business and meet evolving and increasing threats from both AI and human hackers.

Why Wipfli?

Our cybersecurity team brings a level of expertise that can only come from professionals who are dedicated 24/7 to cybersecurity. Whether it’s for strategy or testing — or full outsourced cyber services — our team delivers the most up-to-date solutions scaled to meet your needs.

We start with an assessment of your current cybersecurity strategy, software and systems to determine your risk and resilience. We evaluate things like outside threats, data recovery and compliance issues to benchmark your cyber health against the best in your industry.

We then create a comprehensive solution tailored to meet your needs and your industry compliance requirements. This could include everything from firewalls, program upgrades, internal controls, 24/7 surveillance or vendor management. We also can help upskill your team or step in with our outsourced IT services.

After our assessment and road map, we work alongside your team to implement our plan, staying connected with you and your team to help with change management, training, and hardware or software upgrades.

Our integrated team has the unique ability to bridge the gap between the operations and technology sides of a business. Plus, we apply industry-specific expertise, so we bring the perspective you need to drive your version of success.

How we help

Cybersecurity threat assessment

Understand your current risks related to external hacks, unauthorized access, ransomware, business interruption and theft of data or money.

Cybersecurity health check

See how your cybersecurity matches up against the NIST cybersecurity framework, compliance requirements and industry-specific best practices.

Attack simulation

Test the security of your systems through simulation of real-world attacks using tactics such as penetration testing and social engineering.

Vulnerability assessment

You give our team access to your systems and cloud, and we’ll identify where you are vulnerable to attack and compromise.

Business continuity and incident response

Help ensure continuity, security and availability of data, documents, technology and assets.


Increase trust and meet regulatory requirements with a virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) service, which includes strategy, leadership, response and management reports.

Managed security services

Combine the power of our 24/7 monitoring, managed detection and response, and managed security information and event management into a managed security services package that gives you high-speed, high-touch protection that fits your budget.


Get solutions tailored specifically for industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and financial institutions to meet compliance and regulatory standards. We are specialized in FFIEC, NAIC, CMMC, HIPAA and PCI.

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