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Your business can get more from your accounting than just reporting. Exchange routine compliance for actionable insights with Wipfli accountants.

Why Wipfli?

As one of the top 20 accounting firms in the nation, Wipfli looks beyond the numbers to deliver greater value to your organization. We have decades of combined experience, with specialized knowledge in a full range of industries. Whether it’s helping you understand new guidance around leases or delivering critical financial planning and analysis, our accountants help you take action now and see what’s next.

How we help

Gaining the clarity and consistency you need in communicating financial information is vitally important for your organization. Take the worry out of meeting accounting requirements with Wipfli. We assist organizations with a range of technical accounting services to support your GAAP compliance, including but not limited to accounting for:

  • ASC 842, Leases
  • ASC 606, Revenue Recognition
  • Business combinations, consolidations and restructurings
  • Equity and debt financing arrangements
  • Stock-based compensation, including stock options and profit interests
  • Capitalized software costs
  • Derivatives and hedging arrangements

The most accurate financial reports tell your business what happened. But what you truly need is the knowledge of what needs to happen next.

Turn financial information into business insight with Wipfli’s FP&A services. We look beyond the numbers to guide you through developing long-term plans or evaluating specific strategic decisions in order to deliver stronger outcomes.

Convert financial information to business insights with Wipfli’s compilation and preparation services. We compile your financial statements in accordance with your financial reporting framework, enabling you to gain insights into your organization and make more informed decisions. Our team has deep experience with leading business software and navigating complex systems.

Businesses looking to go public or preparing for a first-time financial statement or SOC audit must meet specific accounting and assurance requirements to do so. Ease the burden of the financial compliance by engaging Wipfli to assist in matters such as technical accounting and internal control assessments, including SOX compliance, technology infrastructure, tax planning and financial statement preparation.

Client success story
With Wipfli reviewing and optimizing this client’s accounting, the organization was well prepared for its annual review