Illinois Independent Living Center

Illinois Independent Living Center
Anita Dierks, Executive Director, IILC
“Because of Wipfli, the auditor team had 98% of what they needed right at their fingertips. They said our books were in such great order and that this audit has been the best and fastest one they have ever done.”

Achieving their fastest audit ever


In a small nonprofit, sometimes the leader wears all the hats. At Illinois Independent Living Center (IILC), executive director Anita Dierks handles everything from property management to volunteer oversight and bookkeeping. With such a wide range of responsibilities, it’s helpful to have a financial specialist you can lean on. For IILC, that’s Wipfli.


Primarily, Wipfli provides month-end accounting review, but its services go beyond routine accounting. The team coaches IILC’s director on how to optimize her accounting system, reconcile accounts, record special expenses/income, and otherwise follow best practices that keep IILC’s bookkeeping clear and accurate.


Like many nonprofits that need to demonstrate sound fiscal oversight to foundations and other funders, IILC undergoes an annual financial audit. When audits go smoothly, nonprofits can save time and money by avoiding add-on costs and higher audit fees. A smooth audit means less work and disruption for nonprofit staff, too.

By working with Wipfli, IILC had a draft audit report ready in just two weeks. And because its audit team now has the confidence they’re working with an ordered, well-prepared organization, it’s likely that future audit fees will hold steady and affordable.

Client profile

Illinois Independent Living Center is a nonprofit organization providing affordable, wheelchair-accessible housing in Naperville Illinois. 

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Carrie Roe, CPA, Manager