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Risk advisory services

Identify and mitigate your most complex risk and compliance challenges

Effective risk management can help your organization achieve profitability, productivity, value and long-term success. But doing so in today’s business landscape with rising costs, rapidly evolving technology and a shrinking labor pool can be challenging.

New technologies bring both risks and opportunities at a time when regulations and threats are reshaping the risk landscape almost daily. No longer does any risk threat exist in a single department’s silo.

That is why it is critical to have the right partner to manage your risk across all your operations, teams, people and processes.

Why Wipfli

Wipfli brings an integrated perspective and strategy along with the talent and tools to manage the full spectrum of your internal control and compliance needs.

Our proactive guidance, strategic road maps and insights can help manage, monitor and mitigate your governance, risk and compliance requirements. We also offer holistic solutions in critical areas such as governance, ESG and sustainability, compliance fraud and litigation.

Our risk advisory services help enable your business strategy and create long-term value with services including:

Regulatory risk and compliance

As technology and compliance grow more complex, your organization’s risk increases. Wipfli’s integrated risk, regulatory and compliance services can help you address everything from risk management to compliance testing so that your organization stays secure and compliant.

Forensic advisory service

Wipfli’s multidisciplinary forensic services team is ready to help your organization get the factual evidence you need for litigation, damage analysis and investigations. Our forensic accounting and digital forensics services can help you identify and quantify the effects and costs of fraud.

Technology risk advisory

Help ensure your organization adopts the latest innovations safely with Wipfli. We can help you mitigate your technology risks and manage regulatory compliance with services including cybersecurity, data privacy and SOC examinations.

Internal controls advisory services

Protect your assets, increase efficiency and maintain compliance with Wipfli’s internal control services. Our range of industry experience can help your organization gain insights into your risks and the controls you need to manage them effectively.

ESG services

Put your ESG and sustainability strategy into action with Wipfli’s comprehensive services. Our team is ready to provide support for all aspects of ESG and sustainability, from developing a practical strategy to reporting and attestation.

Fraud investigation and litigation support

Even the most secure environment can carry fraud risks. Wipfli’s fraud team brings our experience in litigation and dispute support to helping your organization identify, address and even prevent fraud.

Governance risk and controls

Wipfli’s governance advisory services help you balance regulations, sustainability and transparency with your long-term goals.

Operational risk management services

Wipfli’s operational risk management services are ready to help you be strategic about managing the risks you face daily. We help you identify, prioritize and mitigate risk in a way that’s aligned with your organization’s objectives.

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Our perspective drives growth

For more than 90 years, Wipfli has used our unique perspective to deliver practical yet transformational solutions to our clients. Our integrated approach helps mitigate risk, optimize performance and accelerate growth.