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Microsoft Fabric

All your data, all in one place

What if your organization could seamlessly manage every single piece of its data — including all the analytics, dashboarding, business intelligence reporting and even AI integration to go along with it?

Microsoft Fabric lets you bring your data into the era of AI. Fabric is a fully integrated SaaS offering that can incorporate all your data processes into one easy-to-implement, AI-accessible package.

Microsoft Fabric allows you to:

  • Build data warehouses.
  • Create self-service reporting and dashboards.
  • Implement AI use cases.
  • Manage data governance and security.
  • Perform advanced analytics, such as predictive and statistical modeling.
  • Access centralized data from all of your transactional sources like Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Giving Copilot new wings

Fabric can make all of your data — even from non-Microsoft sources — available to Copilot, Microsoft’s proprietary generative AI engine. It allows you to take previously disparate components of your data processes and manage them all seamlessly from one central environment.

Now your entire intelligence workflow can simply work, without the need for multiple software solutions and compartmentalization.

And Wipfli can help you make it happen.

Why Wipfli?

As one of the first implementers of Microsoft Fabric at the enterprise level, Wipfli is uniquely situated to help your organization get up to speed with this powerful new technology. Our cloud data management professionals have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process of migrating your data and processes to Fabric, as well as implementing strategies for success.

With our extensive insight into a wide range of industries, we can provide individual attention to the specific needs of your business, with a one-on-one approach tailored to your circumstances.

From implementation to strategic road mapping to training and best practices, Wipfli can help you get up and running with Microsoft Fabric and start taking a whole new approach to your data. 


Our perspective drives growth

For more than 90 years, Wipfli has used our unique perspective to deliver practical yet transformational solutions to our clients. Our integrated approach helps mitigate risk, optimize performance and accelerate growth.