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Imagine your nonprofit’s future

Imagine if …

The services your organization provides were no longer needed. Your mission was achieved through the outstanding execution of your vision. Impossible? Let’s imagine nothing is impossible.

If you desire a future of “mission accomplished,” the Wipfli team is ready to help you execute on the actions you need to succeed.

Getting to mission accomplished isn’t easy. You need great leadership, financial growth and the right measurements — plus new technologies to fuel effectiveness and the talent to execute.

Wipfli’s nonprofit consulting specialists bring experience, knowledge and best practices to empower your nonprofit. Whether it’s through developing a volunteer management system, helping you navigate changing compliance regulations, or optimizing your team’s skills, Wipfli can help you create the future you desire, fueling your imagination to realize your dreams.

Give the people you serve and the communities you live in a better chance to achieve their goals. Imagine if ….

Audit and Tax

Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) face increasingly difficult challenges. NPOs grapple with strict regulatory compliance issues, increased emphasis on transparency and accountability, and limited resources. Learn more about worry-free audit and tax services for nonprofits.

Technology management

Accelerate the adoption of technology with advice, ideas, and implementation from industry experts.

Financial systems

Confidently choose and implement a financial system to improve business processes and productivity, reduce operational costs, and get timely access to financial information so business can run more efficiently.

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Are you struggling to stay up to date on changing regulations? Gain access to the single most comprehensive resource for the latest updates, regulatory documents, best practices, and expert advice.

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