Sample RFPs for nonprofits

Sample RFPs customized to your needs

Why spend the time and effort putting together a request for proposal (RFP) when you can use one already tailored to nonprofit organizations?

Wipfli has created a range of sample RFPs that your nonprofit can use to find the ideal firm to provide the services you need.

Sample RFP for audit services

Make finding an audit firm easier with Wipfli’s sample RFPs for audit services. We offer a sample RFP with organizations subject to OMB’s Uniform Guidance, as well as non-grant funded organizations.

Sample RFP for conducting a competitive pay analysis

To attract qualified candidates, instill a culture of increased creativity and reduce turnover, your nonprofit should consider conducting a competitive pay equity analysis. Our sample RFP can help you secure a third-party organization to assist you with developing a successful compensation plan and practices for your organization.

Sample RFI for a cybersecurity and IT assessment

This request for information (RFI) can help your nonprofit identify the right consulting firm to lead you through an assessment of your technology and build a multi-year technology roadmap. The end result? You can align technology and strategy to better support your mission.

Download your sample RFPs

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