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Data and analytics services that transform your data

Unlock the true potential of data and analytics with Wipfli's holistic business intelligence services. 

Say goodbye to unreliable data, redundant assets and manual processes. Our enterprise data solutions can help you increase innovation, improve efficiency and profitability, and make faster, more strategic business decisions.

Our team can help you:

  • Centralize data across departments to gain deeper insights and a richer view of your customers, products/services and projects.
  • Enable faster decision making using real-time data, and improve forecasting.
  • Eliminate manual and duplicate entry, and reduce the need for spreadsheets to gain the answers you need.
  • Reduce your report and data request backlog by allowing business users to self-service.
  • Increase your value in existing channels.

Business intelligence reporting and digital transformation

In today's evolving world, accurate and insightful data and analytics are essential for successful digital transformation. Data has to perform many functions and deliver a range of valuable insights. It must be relevant, reliable, timely, compliant, efficient, accessible and understandable. And that can seem overwhelming when you’re first getting started.

Wipfli is here to help. Our team takes you through each component of the data transformation journey:

  • Data vision: Determine the value of unlocking your organizational data and the power of turning insights into practical action.
  • Data discovery: Identify opportunities, capabilities, metrics, stakeholders and platforms needed to enable data transformation. Use Design Thinking to understand, assess and plot a course customized to your organization’s needs.
  • Data curation and platform modernization: Structure, clean up, transform, store and connect the data to extract insights and information.
  • Data quality and analytics governance: Ensure the data can be trusted by establishing structures around compliance, architecture, policies and controls, security, processes and more.
  • Data literacy and awareness: Perform change management to increase employee adoption, including training employees on how to read and use data effectively.
  • Reporting and business intelligence: Gain robust data visualization, insights, and industry-specific KPIs and benchmarks to enable improved performance and continue improvement.

With Wipfli's business intelligence consultants helping you leverage data transformation, your organization will be able to harness multiple silos of disparate data and create a single source of reliable information to improve your processes and drive smarter decisions.

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Cloud-based enterprise performance management with Planful.

Power BI

Provide organizational insight by transforming data into rich visuals.


Enlightening business intelligence and data visualization software.


Clear and cohesive data warehousing and visualization software.

Turning digital into delivery

Learn how Wipfli helped the Arc close cybersecurity gaps, improve IT infrastructure and increase service utilization by 63%.

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