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Tuning out the noise and staying dedicated to a long-term financial plan can be a challenge, even for the most experienced investor.

Successful investment strategies start with strong relationships. To help you along your personal financial journey, Wipfli has a relationship with  Creative Planning, LLC*, which offers comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services, including:

  • Comprehensive wealth management
  • Customized investment management
  • Financial planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Trust services

Wipfli LLP (“Wipfli”) owns a membership interest in Creative Planning Holdco, LLC which in turn owns Creative Planning, LLC, an SEC registered investment adviser (“Creative”). Certain Wipfli employees also dually serve as a Creative investment adviser representative (“IAR”). If a Wipfli client or prospect (together, the “prospect”) requires investment advisory services, Wipfli will introduce the prospect to the IAR. If the prospect subsequently engages Creative, Creative will in most cases share a portion of its ongoing investment advisory fee with the IAR. The IAR is required to remit such amounts to Wipfli as the IAR’s employer.   Wipfli’s receipt of a portion of the Creative advisory fee will not result in the prospect’s payment of a higher Creative investment advisory fee than if the prospect engaged Creative independent of Wipfli and the IAR.   The IAR will provide the prospect with written disclosure of the relationship and economic arrangement by and among Wipfli, the IAR and Creative.  All investment advisory services are provided exclusively by Creative per the terms and conditions of a separate written agreement entered into solely between prospect and Creative. Wipfli does not provide investment advisory services but Wipfli’s receipt of compensation as described does present the potential of a conflict of interest. IAR’s role is limited to the introduction of Creative. Creative’s written disclosure brochure and Form CRS discussing its advisory services and fees is available at www. creativeplanning.com. No prosect is under any obligation to engage Creative or to continue engaging with Creative after having decided to engage Creative.

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