PositivePay for Sage Intacct

Prevent check fraud with PositivePay.

PositivePay is a check fraud prevention system for Intacct checking accounts. Built on Intacct Platform Services, PositivePay is fully integrated with the Cash Management module and has the flexibility to meet any bank formats required.

PositivePay Check Fraud Prevention Allows users to:

  • Easily setup and configure to meet any bank’s unique requirements including headers, footers, and detail lines.
  • Define a separate file layout for each bank. The application works with an unlimited number of bank accounts.
  • Once the PositivePay formats have been defined, files are generated based upon the cutoff date specified, and historical files are archived, yet still accessible for reporting purposes.

PositivePay is the leading method of check fraud prevention available today. Implement it today to add daily reconciling between issued checks and checks presented for payment at a bank in order to identify potentially fraudulent checks.

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