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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Get greater value out of your data

Improve the quality and value of your data with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. This powerful, real-time customer data platform gives you the analytics and insights your team needs to make effective decisions, improve customer engagement and loyalty, and even automate processes.

Use Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to:

  • Centralize transactional, behavioral and demographic data and create a full view of your customers
  • Improve data quality and resolve conflicting data
  • Create richer customer profiles, analyze customer behavior and develop buyer journeys
  • Predict customer needs, improve cross-selling and reduce churn
  • Use the data to make more effective decisions when it comes to sales, marketing, customer service and more

Work with Dynamics 365 specialists

To serve your end-to-end data needs, Wipfli brings together specialists in data quality, application and analytics, as well as industry specialists who understand the specific challenges of your industry and how to use data to reach your goals. We are true data specialists who have the analytics skills to serve up the correct insights for your organization.

From planning strategically around how you can use Dynamics 365 Customer Insights effectively, through implementation, to change management and adoption, we carry the project from start to finish.