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Achieving growth while balancing compliance.

The middle market is rife with opportunity, but it’s also clear as mud. Wipfli knows that terrain. As your Private Equity Guide, we equip you throughout the journey with an integrated approach to help you reach the destinations of value and return, faster.

An integrated approach with a full suite of services and solutions.

Wipfli’s integrated approach means that all services are ready when needed—at the deal stage and every stage of the investment life cycle. As accountants, tax experts, cybersecurity consultants, and process improvement specialists, we are well-suited to help achieve growth while balancing compliance. From fund formation to confident transactions to portfolio performance and management, get powerful direction to navigate the muddy middle market, without ever getting bogged down or stuck.

With a focus on increasing EBITDA, we provide actionable data quicker and put meaningful information in usable formats to support quality decisions. Best of all, we use technology and process improvement to protect your investments and create greater value.

Clients turn to us because the middle market is our accustomed territory and our leaders have been down these roads many times before.

Private equity services include:

  • Fund Services—Priority responses, accurate insights, technology-driven solutions, optimum compliance—all in one place. 
  • Transaction Advisory Services—Identify and minimize risk with relentless due diligence customized for your needs.
  • Portfolio Company Services—Realize results and returns with smart, technology-enabled strategies for enhancing performance and revenue.

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From curiosity to clarity to results. That's Wipfli.

Our clients rely on us because we see their success the same way they do: As a continual process. We know that business is fluid and results aren’t an endpoint; they’re waypoints on a trajectory toward success.

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