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Forensic advisory services

Gain clarity, resolve disputes and strengthen your resilience

No business is immune to fraud. And when it happens, you need a forensics team to cut through the complex systems, finances and electronic data to get the factual evidence you need for investigations, litigation and damage analysis.

Wipfli’s forensic advisory services use state-of-the-art equipment to extract vital digital evidence you need to identify, quantify and mitigate the risks, costs and effects of fraud. Our multidisciplinary team has strong experience in financial forensics and digital forensics IT controls, helping you handle your investigation.

Why Wipfli?

We combine the best technology with decades of experience to not only help you identify and stop fraud, but also help you build resilient strategies. When the worst happens, our team works with you to leverage data, insights and strategy to help you recover and emerge stronger.

We follow procedures designed to produce accurate, auditable, reproducible, and court-admissible analyses and findings.

Tap our knowledge and experience with these forensic services:

How we help

Identify and prevent financial crimes — plus gather the evidence you need for legal proceedings — with Wipfli’s forensic accounting services. Our team has specialized skills and experience to help you investigate or prevent financial crimes and support your litigation needs. We combine our investigative, digital and accounting skills to uncover financial irregularities, provide solutions and support you in legal proceedings.

Wipfli provides national, full-service digital forensic services supporting all aspects of an investigation, including chain of custody, acquisitions, imaging, analysis and reporting, testimony, and archiving and preservation. Our team works as an extension of yours, following your vision and working toward your goals. In our dedicated digital forensics lab, we can forensically image and examine a wide variety of hardware, virtualized environments, removable storage and nontraditional sources, such as IoT devices.

We also provide forensic readiness assessments, analyzing your internal, external, and cloud-based operations and systems to help ensure that your digital evidence is properly identified, gathered, recorded and stored — even before an incident occurs.

Data collection in the digital age

Learn how remote forensic data collection is making information gathering easier.

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