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Ethical decision-making and best practices for responding to fraud, waste or abuse allegations

Marc Courey
Mar 22, 2023

Each organization has everyday opportunities for ethical decision making that they can leverage to see the best results for their stakeholders. Doing what’s best for their members has always been a driving factor in decision making for tribal governments, but it isn’t always clear in every situation what the best path forward is, especially when there are allegations of fraud, waste or abuse.

Our webinar on ethical decision making and fraud best practices can help. Watch the webinar on demand to:

  • Learn about the range of ethical considerations in daily decision making.
  • Gain resources for making ethical decisions.
  • Learn how to develop policies and processes to address ethical issues, including the steps to take and challenges involved when allegations of fraud, waste or abuse occur.
  • Better understand the emotional and often confusing experience fraud can be for an organization and individuals.


Marc W. Courey
CPA/CFF, JD, LLM, CFE, CICA, CCEP, CIA, Director – Forensic & Litigation Services


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