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Antigo Sign & Display

M&A made simple

The management team at Antigo Sign & Display wanted to buy out investors and pursue growth through M&A. But first, it needed accurate valuations. Wipfli was the firm to help move its growth plans forward.

The Challenge

Antigo Sign & Display needed an accurate valuation before it could separate from its investors. A year later, it needed help valuating and structuring a merger with another sign manufacturer. Shareholders from both companies needed accurate and trusted valuations to estimate their ownership after the merger.

The Solution

Wipfli’s valuation services helped Antigo equitably separate from its holding company and assess the terms of a merger. Wipfli performed valuations for Antigo and the company it was considering merging with. That way, the valuation methodology for both companies was consistent and fair. Wipfli also offered guidance on how to structure the deal.

Wipfli does a great job asking questions to understand your business and what you’re trying to accomplish. They made the transaction easier for me.
Steve Friend, President and CEO at Antigo Sign & Display

The results

Wipfli helped Antigo move its deals forward and execute growth plans without complication. A smooth merger gave the combined organization a strong start and a secure foundation. Antigo’s leadership team was so confident in Wipfli, it expanded the relationship. Antigo uses Wipfli for accounting services now, too.