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Antigo Sign & Display
Steve Friend, President and CEO
“Wipfli does a great job of asking questions to understand your business and industry and get a sense of what you’re trying to accomplish. Customer support and accessibility to the team was great throughout the process. They made the transaction go easier for me.”


For over 30 years, Antigo Sign & Display has been designing and crafting neon signs, LED displays and point-of-sale graphics. With vibrant colors and artful design, Antigo Sign & Display helps businesses increase visibility and make their message stand out.  


In 2017, when company management was looking at buying out investors, President and CEO Steve Friend contacted Wipfli to work on a valuation. After a successful transaction, Steve contacted our valuation group again as the business was looking to merge with another firm.   

In 2018, the company started negotiations with a Colorado-based sign manufacturer to merge operations of the two companies. Again, shareholders and lenders needed accurate, trusted valuations to move the deal forward. This time, valuations were needed for both companies to estimate the ownership for each party after the merger. 


Wipfli provided valuation services to both entities, as well as guidance in terms of structure and getting the deal across the closing table. Because Wipfli conducted the valuation for both parties, the methodologies were consistent. That ensured both businesses received fair treatment with a value that all shareholders could accept.


Antigo Sign & Display executed its growth plans without complications. With a fair assessment of both entities, Wipfli helped the merged organization get off on the right foot, building a secure foundation for its future. Thanks to leadership’s confidence and comfort with the valuation process and the relationship they built with Wipfli’s team, Antigo Sign & Display is now using Wipfli for its accounting services, too.

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