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Wipfli's Prime Growth System

Unleash your organization's potential to operate in a state of prime

Experience the power of prime with Wipfli’s research-backed approach that is helping organizations elevate performance, optimize efficiency and strengthen organizational health.

Organizations in prime have a powerful vision that interlinks purpose, cause and passion with a leadership team capable of driving results.

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To get there, we’ve identified seven key components that work together to generate organizational velocity and momentum to free you from traps and drive sustainable success.

What’s unique about prime is that our team looks at all aspects of running a great organization.

Other programs fall short because they focus only on a siloed issue or provide a siloed solution.

And Wipfli’s multi-disciplinary team has the experience to help you start operating in all seven of the prime components.

How to start your pathway to prime

It all starts with a conversation with your executive team. Then we conduct a Prime Rapid Assessment — built on research and data — to identify your gaps, misalignments, opportunities and business lifecycle traps.

We’ll then deliver the results of the assessment to your team and collaborate on a prime roadmap that focuses on your priorities. Those priorities are then the focus of a series of facilitated workshops with your team to build alignment and shared goals — and drive you into a state of prime.

Success for today and tomorrow

Wipfli’s Prime Growth System provides timeless principles and practical tools that you can put into play immediately and see tangible results.

It also builds a sustainable foundation that will release your organization’s potential for faster speed-to-market execution, better client engagements, an energized culture and engaged talent.

Your pathway to prime
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