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Turning workplace conflict into impact

growth over 10 years

Even the most successful company can face internal conflict. But when you have a group of people who are secure working together, you can focus on improving the business and driving sales growth. That’s what Roll Forming Corporation (RFC) was able to do after working with Wipfli.

The Challenge

RFC was a privately held, family-owned business for more than 50 years — until it was purchased by one of Europe’s largest steel companies. Reorganization and workforce reductions followed, and cultural and leadership differences caused stress. Internal conflict also created issues with product design, technology and operations. RFC needed to channel employees’ passion into positive action.

The Solution

RFC turned to Wipfli to gain an objective view of the situation. Together, they identified communication and trust as two problem areas and introduced new, productive ways to express conflicting ideas. RFC launched 360 evaluations and individual development plans for senior leaders. Consultants worked one-on-one with key leaders and remained available for mentoring and coaching sessions. As “outsiders,” RFC’s executive coaches can spot trends and raise issues objectively.

Our team is stronger today because of the coaching, conflict resolution work and leader development programs designed for us. Our communication skills have improved, and we now communicate in ways that reflect trust and respect.
Ray Leathers, President and CEO, Roll Forming Corporation

The results

Now, more energy is directed toward company priorities instead of personal conflicts. That drove substantial sales growth and excellence in safety and health. Across the global company, RFC leads its division in profitability and quadrupled its growth in 10 years. Employee turnover is below 6%, on average, including retirements. And the internal promotion rate is 30%.

turnover, including retirements
internal promotion rate