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Leadership Essentials training

Transform tomorrow’s leaders today

Empower your organization with leaders who drive profound change with Wipfli’s Leadership Essentials development program.

With Leadership Essentials, we don’t just teach leadership — we cultivate trailblazers who lead change, foster engagement and spearhead business growth.

Customized for success

Experience flexible leadership development designed for your company’s unique needs.

Working with your team, we craft a tailored journey of training for between eight to 20 leaders in your company or organization.

What makes our leadership training different is that we align our transformational leadership program with your strategic goals to help ensure you see a return on your investment. And we connect the training to measurable outcomes with validated assessments, actions plans and tangible reinforcement of skill development. 

Designed for success

Challenges aren’t insurmountable — we equip your leaders to produce clear performance expectations, reduce employee turnover, navigate change and/or growth, manage retirements and other employee gaps, and more.

Guided by our experienced Wipfli practitioners, our dynamic, nine-part journey blends in-person and virtual sessions to equip leaders with the knowledge and skills to overcome conflicts and stress, reenergize their teams and drive innovation.

As your leaders embark on this journey, they will delve into the following essential topics:

  • Defining leadership and being an authentic leader
  • Partnering for performance
  • Communicating effectively
  • Delivering feedback
  • Coaching for growth
  • Delegating with purpose
  • Being an inclusive leader
  • Building a high-performing team
  • Leading through ambiguity

Who is this for?

Leadership Essentials is meticulously crafted to help companies fuel their growth through cohesive leadership teams. Our training can transform your team from capable to exceptional.

This program pulls together your newly minted leaders, seasoned midlevel managers or upper-level executives so they work together as a team to drive transformative change, navigate the complexities of leadership with confidence and achieve benchmarks for success.

Start investing today in the team that will drive your tomorrow.


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