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Eliminating hours of manual work

seamless connection after combining disparate systems

AccuWeather staff spent hours every week getting two reporting systems in sync. It needed a way to connect SAP Concur and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (F&O).

The Challenge

When AccuWeather switched to Concur Expense, it lost a key integration into its ERP system. As a workaround, accounting staff spent hours every week transferring, manipulating and checking data. They would extract hundreds of columns of data from Concur, then manually parse and format it for upload into the ERP. The process was time-consuming and vulnerable to error.

The Solution

Wipfli’s ExpenseConnect provides a secure, seamless connection between Concur and F&O. Users can work in F&O without switching systems and automation eliminates the chance of manual error. A bi-directional sync pushes data from F&O to Concur, so users only have to add or modify projects and job codes once. For the implementation, Wipfli helped AccuWeather map the data flow, test and validate sample expense reports and train users. It also set up an SQL database in Microsoft Azure to support the data flow from Concur to F&O.

One reason we chose Wipfli was because they’ve done Concur connectors for so long. We had a smooth implementation because of it.
J. Gary Senko, Manager, Enterprise Business Solutions at AccuWeather

The results

AccuWeather gained hours back every week since accounting staff don’t need to transfer or manipulate data between Concur and F&O. Now, expense reporting is automated — and staff don’t have to worry about the integrity of their data.