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All World Machinery Supply

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dollars saved over five years

All World Machinery Supply needed a trusted business partner for its financial statement audits after it was acquired. Impressed by the responsive support they received, the company now relies on Wipfli for a range of business services — from tax preparation to operational advising and research and development (R&D) tax credit support.

The Challenge

As a new subsidiary of the Daikin Family Group, All World Machinery Supply needed someone to audit its financial statements. The mechanical parts provider had a global client base — and wanted a partner that shared its business values and had manufacturing and distribution industry expertise.

The Solution

Wipfli provided All World with quick turnaround of required financial statement audits at a price that was $70,000-$100,000 less per year than other providers — and started a strong business relationship. Wipfli helped All World transition its year-end financials to mirror its parent company’s year-end. Wipfli now serves as All World’s go-to source for comprehensive operational advice, cost segregation analysis, and state and local tax assistance, among other financial services.

Wipfli is easy to work with and is always responsive. They feel more like a partner, beyond just providing services. They want us to succeed.
Kyle Koepp, Director of Finance and Administration at All World Machinery Supply

The results

Wipfli’s R&D tax credit advising and cost segregation analysis saved All World nearly $1.2 million over five years. In Wipfli, All World found an audit and accounting partner able to deliver timely, strategic recommendations that boost their bottom line.