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Since 1991, the team at HFS Consultants has become an integral part of health care organizations’ financial and business operations. In working closely with health care organizations throughout California and nationwide, they have focused on making a positive impact on the business performance of their clients by creating and applying innovative solutions to demanding health care issues.

In 2016, HFS Consultants merged with Wipfli LLP to provide a more comprehensive group of services to health care organization throughout the U.S. As a combined firm, you now have the resources of over 200 professionals who can assist you with:

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Gained through years of working for every kind of health and senior care provider, from urban hospitals to small rural health clinics, our team of consultants has the professional background, knowledge, and experience you need to improve your operations or support your growth. Our team of over 200 professionals work exclusively with health care organizations, such as:

Our mission is to make a positive impact on the business performance of your health care organization by creating and applying innovative solutions to demanding health care issues.

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Featured Expertise

Richard A. Gianello

Richard Gianello is a partner in the firm’s health care consulting practice with more than thirty years of experience in financial consulting in the health care industry. He leverages his expertise in financial analysis, strategic planning, and capital budgeting studies to assist hospitals, skilled nursing, medical group, and retirement housing institutions. In addition, Richard is an accomplished speaker and frequently presents various topics relative to the health care industry.

Steven Rousso, MBA, MPA

Steven Rousso is a partner in the firm’s health care consulting practice. With nearly 37 years of experience in the health care industry, he has particular experience with rural hospitals and community clinics, as he has demonstrated on various engagements for over 150 providers throughout the country. An accomplished presenter, Steven has spoken more than 50 times on myriad health care topics for numerous state and federal associations. In addition, he has published many health care articles. Steven also acted as a consultant for the California Hospital Association (CHA), the California Primary Care Association (CPCA), and several Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) consortiums in California.

John E. Pfeiffer

John Pfeiffer is a partner in the firm’s health care consulting practice.  He specializes in health care reimbursement, accounting, and finance and has saved clients millions of dollars through outstanding cost report preparation and defense. John works with hospitals as well as specialty providers and nursing facilities, federally qualified clinics, and rural providers. In addition to client work, he is an accomplished presenter and speaks at various industry events.

David Kim

David Kim is a partner in the firm’s health care consulting practice. With significant experience in operations and strategy in both the payer and provider settings, he leverages his expertise to help hospitals and health care systems remain competitive and profitable. David brings deep analytical skills and operations consulting experience to play a key role in the development of Wipfli LLP’s proprietary Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) data compilation and benchmarking tool. David also led the development of a proven approach for implementing a performance improvement initiative for clients, using a combination of analytic and hypothesis-based problem-solving frameworks to quickly develop and implement ideas to increase productivity and lower costs.

Gwynn Smith

Gwynn Smith is a partner in the firm’s health care consulting practice. She leverages more than 10 years of expertise in health care consulting to provide top-notch services to health care entities. Gwynn has a proven track record of bringing significant organizational change while maintaining a strong focus on business decisions. Clients appreciate the value she brings to their business operations in helping them stay agile and competitive.